Middle TN riding


I am considering moving within my company to the Murfreesboro area and was wondering what kind of riding there was in the area or within an hour or so. I am interested in some dual-sport but the kind of dual-sport where you really only need the plate to connect the trails. Some back roads would be good as well but I really want to ride some good trails. I live in Nebraska and we have NO trails here unless you own your own land, which I do not. I am led to believe that there are some good places to ride in East TN and Western NC, which I would like to do on a weekend but would also like to ride some place close to home.

Thank you for your response

Welcome to dirt bike heaven:smirk:

Look up Westpoint, and CMRA

+1 on CMRA and Westpoint - they are my two favorite places to ride. Both are great for long single track loops. CMRA is only about an hour from M'boro and Westpoint is about 2 hours. There is also some semi-private land that's only about 30 minutes from M'boro. It's several hundred acres of quad track with some of the most challenging, technical hills I've seen. PM me if you want more info.

There are also several other places within a 2 hour drive.

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