'78 DT175 Flywheel Removal

Any suggestions on how to remove the flywheel on the above mentioned bike. I removed the flywheel nut and tried a generic puller.

I have a 2 armed generic puller and i tried that and I had no luck. Basically snapped one of the pivot bolts of the puller while trying to torque the flywheel off. No movement on the flywheel.

Trying to remove as I have no spark and I want to check out the points, hard to tell what kind of shape they are in when the flywheel is on.




I had a '77 YZ400 that I had one heck of a time getting the flywheel off and I had the correct Yamaha puller. It pulled the threads right off of the puller body. I ended up trimming the body of the puller a little on a lathe to get to some fresh threads and shaped it a little to get the maximum thread meshing. Next, I used a welding torch (don't fry anything under the flywheel!) and gradually heated up the flywheel and quickly screwed the puller in and tried it again. After about 3 tries, it finally popped off. Check the Dennis Kirk catalog and see if they have a different STYLE of puller. Some are more effective than others.

After the (official) yamaha style puller is fully threaded and tight,give it a 'pop' with a brass hammer. It should come off..

And what size do i need the one from the link is a 27x1 with LH internal threads, will this work?

Sorry the listing is not clear, but the puller you want fits the following and more:

Yamaha Dirt Bikes:


■YZ60 1982-1984

■GT80 1977-1980


■TY80 1974

■YZ80 1977-1978

■YZ80 1984-2001

■YZ85 2002-2010


■DT100 1980-1981

■MX100 1980-1983

■RT100 1994-2001

■DX100 1977-1981

■DT125 1977-1981

■IT125 1980-1982

■XT125 1982-1983

■YZ125 1987-2010

■AG175 1981-1992

■DT175 1976-2007

■IT175 1977-1983

■TY175 1975-1978


■DT200 1984-1986


■DT200R 1989-1998

■IT200 1984-1985

■WR200 1991-1996

■XT200 1982-1983

■XT225 SERROW 1992-1994

M27 x 1 left hand thread sounds correct to me if your bike is in standard trim.

Dave R

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