power mods for husaberg 450 fe

I am still breaking in my 450. I am just getting used to the bike and the power it puts out. It is a bit mild ,as I am used to mx bikes hit. any reccomends for getting a bit more out of this bike? It is stone stock. I do like the quiet sound It has,and am very pleased with the bike. I just wish I wasnt working 6 days a week so i can ride it more.

I lot of people say an aftermarket exhaust can and header pipe help.

You might also try the map switch in the aggressive setting.

fmf 4.1 and map switch is all you need

It came with the racing map. I took the ball check out of the gas cap. I need to locate the breather tube that is routed to the air box and remove that.

The map loaded in the ECU is not the same thing as the map switch. The map switch is a 3-position switch that selects "soft", "standard", or "aggressive" ignition timing. When you start the bike the ECU senses the resitor value selected by the switch and selects one of the 3 timing maps. The switch is only examined when you start the bike, so you can't switch it on the fly.

Call Richard at http://www.houseofhorsepower.com, he made the FE450 RIP. Some exhaust stuff like a head pipe inversion cone and a few other things really wakes the bike up if thats what your looking for.

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I suppose it is the same as a harley fi system. It comes with a pre programed setting. A stock harley is set for 14.7/1 ratio. This is lean for emissions. I donno if the berg is a closed loop or open. But I asked for the competition map setting as they called it at cliffs cycles. The thing seems so much faster when i leave the pavement!

If you want more power, the best way is to swap the 450 for a 570

ya but the 450 was 2000$ less.

What map setting are you using?

The shop that sold me the bike said they installed the competition map as I asked. I still have the screen in the muffler in, I red loctited it! I was just looking for free power info. I really havent made the full 4 st to 2 st conversion. mayby I need to take my kx 250 for a beat run?

I'd change the gearing for more power. Try a 51 rear maybe. Pipe will get you a little, more of a weight savings IMO. An aggressive throttle cam will put you a little farther back on the seat too. Better rear tire too?ha

Removal of the screen at the end of the muffler will provide a little extra power. Note that this screen is not the spark arrestor.

I removed the screen on my 570 and it just made it pop on deceleration. I put it back in.

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