MX tracks near CT


I'm looking for some help with MX tracks that are within 2 1/2 hours of central CT and that are open during week. I took the upcoming week off from work and planned to go to Rocky Hill, but it looks like they are going to be closed due to weather. I might try Crow Hill, but are there any other options?

i actually just moved here. the only places i know are rocky hill, central cycle club, and milford riders club. also there is southwick in mass. if u look at the NESC mx website youll see all the tracks that they race in the series.

sorry i know this is an old post but rocky hill is actually a really nice track especially during the week because theres less people there. unfortunately i can only make it sundays when its packed. sometimes southwick does open practices but you can also look at nemx and nesc as bway mentioned. theres not too many other tracks as im pretty sure mototown is shut down for good now

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