xr600r fork rebound clunk

I have a 95 xr600r. stock front end

Just had a shop redo the fork seals...

took it out for a test ride and when the forks rebound it has a loud clunk sound

basically the forks are bottoming out but on the rebound not compression

I can lift the front end up and hear it hit when the forks expand all the way

any thoughts or advice on what could be causing this?

I am hesitant to have the shop I took it to fix it, in addition to this problem they failed to tighten my front axle all the way and the top triple clamp was slipping up off the forks. ***?

I resolved those issues but would like to try to fix the clunk issue my self or at least get it diagnosed.

Thanks in advance for any help, advice, or ideas you guys may have

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