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kx125 carb-related issuesm help!

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Hey guys!

i recently pulled the carbs off both my 01 and 02 kx125 to clean them, as they hadn't been in a good while. I've done it numerous times before. Anyway, put them back together, and back on both bikes. other then forgetting to tighten the bowl bolt on one (oops:P) i thought i was good to go. Unfortunately i have an issue on BOTH bikes! just my luck.

one of them , the 01, starts without the choke, or any throttle and idles what must be to the moon and back. Super high idling. I've adjusted the idle screw to see if it would help, and made sure I have my air mixture screw at 1 3/4 like i always had. Before taking it off it ran fine... I can't figure out what's making it idle so high. any ideas? I'm worried it'll mess the bike idling that high. I'm taking it out tomorrow (people here whine when i start it) when i go ride and going to see if it settles down with a shot or 2 of gas, but i doubt it.. The throttle itself is fine also, snaps back w/o a problem

the 02, i'm pretty sure I know whats up but want to see what you all think. This bike has no clamp on the air filter boot. As such I'm guessing it is just getting too much air and preventing it starting as a result of no clamp so there's a big leak from the boot. If i start it with the throttle it will start fine and if i keep it cracked open it will run, as soon as i let off the throttle it bogs dies instantly. So, like I said I'm pretty sure this one is jsut getting too much air.. It ran before with out one, but I think it was more of getting lucky that the carb was in the boot at the perfect angle or something. Any thoughts on this, am I most likely right?

I'm more concerned with the 01 and it's super high idling as i actually ride that bike often. Seeing as it ran fine before I am stumped and really not sure, but worried!

any help would be hugely appreciated!


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