DR350 lowered footpegs

I am a tall guy, and even with bar risers I was still hunched over when standing. So I made myself some lowered footpegs. I didn't want to do the bracket cause that is just more stuff hanging below the frame.

Anyways, here are some pics:


hey, thats cool with me - thanks.

That is very nice work! :worthy:And for us tall folks it makes for a much more comfortable ride! :thumbsup: I have lowered the pegs about 1” on my DR350 (gone now :confused:) and my DR650, as well as my V-Strom. For the V-Strom I had to make aluminum spacer plates similar to what others on this site are making for their DR650. But being the hack that I am, I just took a hack saw to the DR pegs and cut out 1” of the riser section between the mounting plate and the actual peg, and welded then back together. I used parallel vertical cuts so that when the top and bottom were put back together, they lined back up but with the peg 1” closer to the mounting holes. I had to make a small solid spacer out of scrap steel for the 350 but the 650 was a direct weld up. When I did the 350 I was afraid of messing up the whole thing so I bought a spare set of pegs off ebay and did the mod to them. But on the 650 I just when for it. I actually like yours better because you got an extra 1/4" out of it. Here is a picture of the DR650;


This is exactly what I need for my DR250S rehabilition. Lowered pegs. However, I do not have access to the required toolset. Does anyone know of a lowering peg kit for the DR250/350?

Or would ClakTap want to start an ebay business on the side perhaps, for all of the DR250/350 riders?


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