Chain length for RM 125?

Does anybody know off hand in a 114 length chain is long enough for an RM 125 with 12/51 sprockets?

Thats what I run and it works fine on my 04.

what about 12/48? how do you calculate chain length to your sprocket size

I always buy longer and cut to fit. Made the mistake of buying too short once.

will 112 links be good for the 12/48 sprockets

Look on Rockymountain ATV/MC and get the specs for your bikes. Now look at the stock gearing. Now look at the gearing you want. When you go down a tooth, then -1 link, up a tooth +1 link....or just order a longer than stock chain and you got it covered :thumbsup:

im pretty sure i got a 530 chain from rockymountainatv and im now reading that the stock size is 520 whats up with that?? i did notice my old chain n sprockets were significantly lighter(vortex) then the new ones(primary drive)

What did the box say on it. Sounds like you got a HD520 chain. They are thicker links. No way a 530 will fit on 520 sprockets.

youre right! but for some reason the vortex kit i took off had a chain that looked smaller, prob not possible and im crazy but it looked smaller

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