My Taiwan (BBR) frame cradle bolt snapped

Installed my frame cradle as per the instructions. Went to tighten the rear engine mounting bolt to 40 NM (Instructions say refer to the manual for this torque value) with my torque wench....bang snapped the bolt and striped the thread inside the frame cradle. I thought this was made in the USA?? oh well at least it matches the build quality of the bike :thumbsup:




yeah mine stripped also not to impressed with bbr product it seems to be all out sourced now wonder why this country is going down the shitter can even make a simple bolt here let alone entire vehicles

Hi guys - sorry about your frustrations. I just picked up an 08 for my 14-yr-old daughter (who is 130-lbs) and I'll likely boot around on it as well (following her smaller siblings on their 50's) and I think a cradle is necessary. The guy I bought the bike from said his son had out-grown it, so I'm thinking it has seen some heavy use. I'm worried about the frame being stretched already, which will make lining up the holes on the cradle difficult... need to find a way to pull it back together... thinking of two strong bars with come-alongs or something of that nature to squeeze the frame if need be, but I'm looking for posts where people have done something about this already. Perhaps this was the case with your bikes?

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