2005 wr250f???

Well I'm considering upgrading from my Honda 2005 CRF230F to a Yamaha WR250F. I've looked into the CRF250X and have heard too much bad info about the valves so that's why I'm looking at the Yami. (And I used to ride them a as a kid.)

I'm curious what the bike will be like when coming from my CRF230F? I'm also curious about the Yami being a 2005? It's the only used one that I've found. I would really like a newer one with the aluminum frame but can't find one unless I pony up the bucks for a brand new one. (Not likely though.)

Any opinions on the 2005 versus newer would be greatly appreciated.

The seller want $3500 but is negotiable. What do you think it's worth.

Thanx in advance!

Team Honda (considering Yamaha) :thumbsup:

2005 is a nice bike, but $3500 ?

Pass all the way around.

You can score a nice 2008 or 2009 for that much

2005 in well maintained, not beat up shape will bring a max of $2000-2200 (with extras) in Texas

Coming from a CRF230 to a WR250F... you're going to love it :thumbsup:

05 was a great year for the bike and after all the free mods are done and the bike is up to it's potential you will have a lot of fun rippin' around

$3500 is way high, but you will find that WRs are not on the market long at all. The seller is propably hoping that demand will get him a decent price. I'd pass though.

The difference you will see between the CRF and WR is night and day. You picked a great bike to upgrade to. You will not regret it:thumbsup:

I paid $2000 for mine last night. Economy is not real good here in LA though. Some sellers don't want to sell that bad. I usually look for someone that is getting out of the sport and has not ridden much. You'll like this bike.

I paid 1750 for mine a few weeks ago.. Came with handguards, trail tech, all the mods done, a pipe and rebuild 5 hours ago.

Wow...the prices you guys bought your bikes for are way better than this one. I'll have to see if he wants to deal...or else I'll keep looking.

Thanx for your input.


sent you a pm

you guys are lucky down there. there isn't a wr to be found for under 3000 up in canada unless its older than 2004

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