Flywing 150

Bought this bike for 350 .. used only once.


Anyone have any experience with them?

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Bought this bike for 350 .. used only once.

Anyone have any experience with them?

Schucks sold the bikes from 2004 to 2006 I believe and they were made by "Buffalo tools"

This was the first dirtbike I owned when i got into riding. Me and my father bought these bikes when they were first intruduced to schucks and rode them just about every other weekend of the year rain or shine. NEVER had a single engine problem and it put out alot more power than my buddies crf 150 at the time. The plastics were near impossible to find and they break very easy but im sure ebay would be help full there. My Dad extended his swingarm about 6" or so with bed frame :thumbsup: and made me do all the welding so I was kind of skeptic at the time but it improved the softness of the rear shock quite a bit.

I had a blast on those bikes though just dont jump them like this or you can expect alot of things to start bending. :confused:



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flanastan pan gasket

Ride it, but be careful of the chasis.

If the motor is strong and you want to jump it, you might be able to find a roller Honda XR to insert the motor. I'd like to find a bike like that one.

I don't plan on doing any jumping .. if the frame bends or breaks I'll just reweld it and fortify it. I've taken it out twice and did NOT take it easy lol so far so good.

Question .. can I buy an aftermarket honda exhaust for it?

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