Help please: SMR 510 name this washer

Hi all, recently purchased a 2009 SMR 510 and am loving it.

I did my first oil + filter change today and made a bit of a newb error.

After replacing the filter, changing the oil, and cleaning the screen filters, I proceeded to pour the old oil into an old bottle and found a washer remaining in the bottom of the oil drain tub.

I am certain that the washer does not belong in the oil screen filters, but am trying to determine if it comes from the filter or the sump drain plug.

When I pulled the filter cover off, the spring jumped out into the oil, did this washer come out with the spring?

When I pulled the sump plug off, I didnt drop it, but forgot to check if there was a washer still sticking to the bottom of the sump which may have dropped off later.

I have attached pics, its roughly 24mm in outer diameter.

Is this from the sump plug? or does it go between the spring and the filter cover?

Im thinking that the only consequences could be a small oil leak, which I will monitor.

Cheers in advance for the help. Tim


Thanks for that mate. I assumed it would be from the drain plug, but dont always trust the pics in the service manuals. Turns out it didnt seal well enough without the crush washer, so I had to very quickly pull the bolt out, replaced the washer and put it back in.

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