Question on Tires?

Im thinking about going tubeless, because the place I ride alot has alot of larger rocks that pop my tube but not the tire.

What do u guys think i should do, buy tubeless or get the tube?

I enjoy both track and trail riding, mostly trail

I've been using the TUbliss for about 2-3 yrs now in my CR250. That, along w./ the new wheel and new trials tire resulted in a setup w/ no leaks whatsoever. I think I'll lose maybe 1 psi of air in 4 months. I run 8 psi all around, and I have no problems at all, even on the sharpest limestone rocks I ride on.

However, my other bike has a tubliss setup as well, yet I cannot for the life of me keep it from not leaking. I will lose 10 psi of air in 3 hrs. Tried new tires, tried rebeading them repleatedly, even tried tubliss' latest recommedation to not torque the rim clamp @A 20 ft/lbs, but only @ 12 ftlbs, but no such luck. I'm in the process of putting back tubes on this bike.

IMO, I'd go tubless if I have new rim and new tires to put on. BUt if the rim's used, and/or with used tires, then it's not worth the effort.

I'm not having those problems with used rims or used tires. Getting the "right" tire is important with a tublis. Bridgestones suck with tublis. maxxis it or desert IT are decent tubliss setup.

JeddClampet I'd get on the horn with Jeff at neutec and ask him for a new one, He's pretty decent to work with.

Tubliss is the way to go. Some slight issues with one of my front rims, big ding that I had to hammer close to flat that was leaking at the bead, but other than that it is great. My "inner" bead lock will hold 110psi for weeks, and the rest of the tires (except for the one front) all hold for a long time too. I threw some Slime in that front tire to see if it will help as one of my riding buddies swears by it when he studs up his Tubliss setup for winter use.

I ride in some nasty rocks regularly and run 9psi front, 6psi rear, with no issues at all. I'd bet I am getting at least double the tire life I used to get too. The Michelin tires I've been using like the Tubliss system.

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