[b]oil circulation problem?[/b]

So I have an XR400R that I just picked up the other day. It had been sitting for about 11 years so you know there was no oil in the upper part of the engine. When I finally got it ready to start and did get it started, the first few seconds it sounded like a two stroke and then went away. I knew that it was just the oil getting to the upper part of the engine and thought it would be the only time that it did it cuz now it has oil. Well every time I start it up it does it but not for nearly as long. Is this normal, or is there some internal seal that is supposed to help trap oil up in the cams?

I'm no expert, but i just made a similar post the other day "xr400 valve noise at start up" one of the guys suggested Sea Foam in the oil and valve adjustment and it seemed to do the trick. Good luck.

thanks man ill give it a shot. How much sea foam did you but in it.

Well maybe I should go do a search before I waist forum space. Thanks a lot guys I will try the sea-foam and adjustment and get back to you asap.

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