400 xcw or something else?

I would appreciate your input....

Getting back into riding after a long hiatus, essentially a novice again but look to improve as much as possible. 6'3" 190 pounds and will be doing trail riding in Colorado.

Some of my friends mentioned getting a 250 4 stroke as they are light and easy to maneuver. Others state that I am too big for a 250 and that a 250 will suffer at our higher altitudes.

The new KTM 300 xcf looks appealing... but at $8,000 for my first bike in years?

The local shop has a 2007 KTM 400 XCW with very low hours, rekluse clutch, scott stabilizer, etc.. for a really good price. I liked the smoothness of the power band alot but worry about its weight and my ability to ride it compared to the lighter 4 strokes.

Would this be a good bike for me or should I steer clear for something else? If so, what do you recommend. Thanks.

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