yamaha mx 100

hi, i have a 1974 mx 100 that has spark to the coil from the magnito/points but no spark at spark plug lead, i have used a test light on the wire that comes from the magnito & the test light lights up when i turn it over with the kick starter. i have a couple of spare coils that i have tried but still no spark.

anyone had this problem & fixed it?

any help would be appreciated

cheers chris

I've got a yamaha GT80 that caused allot of trouble yesterday doing the same thing. A new plug cap seemed to help for a bit but didn't fix it completely. The newer caps have resisters that go bad.

Yours should be points not electronic ignition ? I haven't looked at mine close enough yet so I'm not even sure what it is but it might be getting a new set of points and a new condenser today. That may just give it enough extra power to create a good spark

thanks bruce, i have just purchased this mx100 a week ago so i think a new set of points & cap maybe nessary to fix the problem. i will go & get the coil tested to illimenate that as a possible cause aswell as the points & cap

cheers chris

hi, it got it sorted the points needed attension

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