2012 infos available yet?

Might be very early, but I like to plan ahead.

Is there any info on changes made to the 2012, if there even are some? I could imagine BNG only, because of the problems they have in Japan.

I'll get myself a 2011 or 2012 in autumn, if it's reasonable.

I dont think there will be any major updates across the board. The YZF250 will probably be the only bike getting some upgrades (EFI). Maybe SFF Showa forks on Suzuki's.

Maybe some clutch and transmission upgrades, too, but even if they don't do anything, it will still be a very good bike.

What's an SFF Showa Fork? Is it different than a Showa Twin Chamber Fork and if so how does it work?

Separate Function Fork - Same as Kawasaki.

Anybody know what the difference is between the Separate Function Fork and the Twin Chamber?

big spring in one and oil for dampening in the other...

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