2011 crf exhaust

looking to buy a exhaust for my 2011 crf 450r. I do alot of track riding but also ride trails to. I live in hawaii and as far as i know theres no sound restrictions. Durability is just as important as performance to me. This is my first 4 stroke so this is all new. Please, any suggestions would be helpful.

Yoshi RS4 or Pro Circuit T4, both are top quality and come with a spark arrestor if needed and have available quiet inserts if you ever end up needing them.

I ordered my Yoshi RS-4 Stainless/Aluminum for $440 shipped on ebay, just waiting for it to come now... It was the best value system I could find.

i bought a fmf q4 for $280. Comes with spark arrestor. This is my first FMF pipe (previously had yoshimura and MRD).

Overall, pipe is very well constructed. Stickers peeled quickly but I took them off anyway for a clean look. Pipe is quiet (sounds like stock) but doesn't hurt performance.

thanks guys

i just got a yoshi rs4 for my birthday ill be putting it on today and racing with it tommorow ill tell you what i think about it performance whise

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