rubber cement to bond hot metal?

Hey. I'm about to pull apart the powervalve on my bike, but the two bits of metal dont have a gasket. they have some kind of glue? It feels soft like rubber cement. Would this be the right kind of thing to put on either piece of metal before bolting them together.

I think the main factor is: would rubber cement hold up to the high temperatures? and should I use it?

thanks, Mike.

actually the stuff from the factory is clear and feels like silicone. would that work? :thumbsup:

honda uses a sealer called honda bond it is a rubber feeling liquid gasket they use on cases and parts without gaskets.yamaha has a product they call yamabond same stuff,proble all bike brands have a sealer like this,i think ktm has one called punkin patcher. XX

As long as the surfaces are ding free just about any selant will work. I was suggested anerobic flannel selant by a buddy because it does not dry like yamabond, it cures in the absence of air.....good if the phone rings or you lose a bolt.

thanks greg :thumbsup:

dos equis thats nice, but those companies wouldnt actually make the stuff, they'd just buy it and sell it for a fortune. do you know what they buy? :confused:

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