ttr 230 help with carb

i have a 08 ttr 230 that i bought used it was never rode. well i did all the mods and rejeted it. but my problem is that iv been rideing it in about 60 degree weather and when im rideing like down the road and holding a speed it starts to spit back like it did befor i jeted it. like it is geting cold or something. i have a temp gauge on it and it dose this when its running around 350 degrees.

also i noticed when rideing it in the trails when i start hitting woops it sounds like it cuts out or misses for a second. its not a wireing problem i checked and checked. so i think it must be something with the carb.

please help me

Have you looked at your timing chain.if its lose it will do that.

please help anyone??

When you re-jetted the carb, did you clean it out? Are you sure you got all the passages clean? Have you checked the float level? The part about the misfire on the whoops makes me think the float level might be off or there's something amiss with the float.

What is the jetting right now? I would be tempted to return it to stock jetting just to see if the symptom goes away.

Along the lines if the "undo the last thing you did" line of troubleshooting.

i had a 130 main and i just tryed 135 and same thing. i was wondering if anyone knows what the DIAPHRAGM dose in this carb? is it a pump or what?

i checked them and the gas level seems to be just under the gasket on the carb. is that right?

My manual covers 2005 - 2007 model years, but the carb is the same from 2005 - 2009, so I would assume the specs are the same. The fuel level is supposed to be 9 - 11 mm "under the float bowl front face", which I don't understand because the picture shows measuring fuel height from the side. The picture and words don't match, which is what you get when manuals are written in Brazil. But, if the picture is correct, fuel height should be measured from the top of the float bowl where it mates with the carb to the fuel level in a tube connected to the float bowl drain. Measure with the petcock turned to ON or RES.

ok thanks should the bike be running or not?

Bike should not be running, but it should be on a stand where it's level. Not leaned over on its side.

well it seems good but i ordered a rebuild kit for the carb and i see that on the end of the neddle valve there is a screen and im starting to think maybe its pluged up and when the bike is running the gas can't flow in fast enought

anyone else have any ideas? if it was wireing wat should i look for?

I'm not sure what screen you're referring to. I don't remember a screen on the needle valve. If you think there's something obstructing flow, give it a good cleaning.

As far as wiring is concerned, do a visual for any chafed wires and check the connections for corrosion.

i had a 130 main and i just tryed 135 and same thing. i was wondering if anyone knows what the DIAPHRAGM dose in this carb? is it a pump or what?

Coast enrichener. When the throttle is closed, and the motor is at speed (higher than idle), the diaphragm allows more fuel to flow, enriching the mixture, so it won't be too lean.

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