Hi there

I've problem with my Honda CRF 450 r 2008 crankcase(right hand side). Small pin for kick start gear has sheard off and snapped. Bolt off the case plus small piece of the casing which hold the pin in place. I've attached the pics so you can see where the problem is. I'd like to know if this can be fixed in workshop or I need to replace full crankcase. As if just bought the bike and I'm the newbie to motocross. Where I could get problem fixed.

Cheers Chris




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ad more pic

Nice pics!! A machine shop may be able to fix it, but that is a small piece to work with. How did that break ? You may be able to drill & tap threads into case if there is enough material for the locating dowl. Then use a small bolt with lock tight. These parts are not under a lot of pressure.

I was thinking the same but don't know if there is water or oil pipe ie channel behing it.

I had the same thing happen to my '06. We were able to get the broken part of the bolt out and replace it with a new one. The tab that is part of the case was broke off. There was enough material there to drill in and put in a threaded pin in to replace it. I replaced the kicker stop with a new one. So far so good, has been over a year and no problems. I forgot about it until I read this. Good luck!

I dont think there is any channels there. Surely no coolant passage at that point. Its to far away from cooling system


Thank you, that exactly what I was thinking. Do you know maybe how deep I can drill to avoid any damage and did u split the full engine

@erichshonda, cheers:)

I didn't measure it nor did I take the case off. I did get the drill in enough to get the tap in there to make enough new theads. You are going to want to get in there far enough to make sure it is secure. This is only a stop for the kicker to come up to, it isn't like you are going to be punding on it. I would suggest a clean set of threads with some light thread lock to make sure it doesn't come out. Find a threaded pin that can be turned with an allen wrench. Then your new kicker stop will go over it.

thank you for all the help got it drilled and taped today put back together tomorrow> all at cost of 2pints and a pack of crisps much better then the £800 the shop wonted:ride::thumbsup::confused::ride:

cheers:ride: chris:ride:

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