Pics of my new bike





2007 Yamaha YZ250F

What do you guys think? :thumbsup:


sweeet bike congrats thoses black rims are mint:thumbsup:


And yeah, i like the black rims too :thumbsup:

I love this bike :thumbsup:

and love the rims!!

Congrats on the new bike, you will love it.:thumbsup:

I thought the 08's and 09's were the ones that had the black engine and clutch covers...

Oh i see it was painted

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Thanks! :thumbsup:

looks nice, clean er up!

clean er up? :thumbsup:

bike is siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick grats...

its to clean go ride the thing:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

haha, thanks (;

Here is some more pictures:



Please comment (;

Please leave a comment :thumbsup:

nice bike put a 4.1 on her you can pick them up for not too much theses days fmf is allways doing 20% off 4 stroke pipes also behing the plastic case guad is a metal one. you can take the plastic one off grind down the bolts so they will screw in all the way you will save from mud getting back up in the front sprocket. skid plates and rear rotor guard are allways on my 1st parts list

Mean looking dude!

Thanks, but i won't change anything on the bike right now, besides oil and stuff like that.


Those are some nice looking red X's! I don't see any bike pics.

Congrats though! :thumbsup:

Thanks :thumbsup:

Come on, leave a comment :confused: haha :thumbsup:

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