Kudos to Cycleracks !


I sent these guys an email at 11 pm last night to see about getting a rear rack for my WR 250F that I will use to pack boned out elk meat from kill site to camp. He called me back at 8am today (sunday) to get my shipping info, and said he would ship one first thing monday morn ! Also stated that he would rather wait to be paid until I was happy with the product. :confused: That my friend is confidence in his quality of workmanship, and trust in fellow bikers to make good on their word with payment ! I love doing business like this, and hope we can all keep him in business. It's hard to find honest business on a handshake anymore, but I am glad to see that it still exists ! KUDOS to Cycleracks !

I will let you know when I get the rack installed, and give a review.

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