2011 Detent Spring

How involving is it to change the detent spring to a heavier spring? I am not sure I will pull all the parts out and have them coated and what not but I think I am going to change the spring just to be safe.

I am wondering also, I have a 450 spring on order.

Not hard to change just time consuming. The cases need to be split. It would be cheap if you can do it yourself. Not sure what a dealer would charge.

on the 08 -09 the detent spring is under the clutch basket...and so is the 2010-2011 remove the basket and its staring at you ....takes less then an hr to change ...total

Thanks for the correction. Sounds simple.

no prob...did it onmy 2007 ......easy update even with reg hand tools

no prob...did it onmy 2007 ......easy update even with reg hand tools

What spring did you swap in? Thanks Dominic

I believe it is spring #22 in the parts index with part number: 25355-28H00

I am not 100% certain though, anyone verify?

confirmation on that part # please :thumbsup:

Use the 450 detent spring, it works wonders. Its easy to change, but not as easy as the 07-09s. Start by pulling the whole clutch assembly out, then you have to remove the shift shaft, and also the shift mechanism on the end of the shift drum. Then you just swap the spring and reverse your order to reinstall.

The 450 spring got rid of my false nuetrals completely, even with breaking in new boots this spring.

I tried to order the 450 spring from the dealer and babbits and I am being told it is unavailable for at least 2 months. :thumbsup:

Anyone know where I can get one?

Probably due to the large number of RMZ250's needing them

Probably due to the large number of RMZ250's needing them


But I'd bet the rather large earthquake and the fact that the whole country is in a massive state of energy loss and logistical disruption is the main reason behind parts delays.

I did the 450 detent spring on my 08, it does make a difference.

Do they not usually manufacture a lot of spare parts at one time. Also most of the detent springs are the same they should stock em, not only that its a massive problem. But ya thats really sad and shitty what happened there.

If somebody can post a part number I can see if there are any available here.

The part number is 25381-10H00

Cv4 makes an upgraded one for the 07-09 I believe. Should also work in the 10/11. Its not as stiff as the 450 one but still better than stock.



Is that the correct part?

There is a bit of confusion out there. There are two springs to choose from.

The shaft return spring 450 part# 09444-2001

And the gear shift cam spring 450 part# 25355-28H00

Which one is called the De-tent spring?

Some fellow talkers also have it mixed so we still don't know which one needs to be replaced. Seems like the confusion continues.

This is like trying to find the power band on my two stroke. Called every where and cant seem to find one. I know my dumb :thumbsup: don't know.

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Or you should just order both????

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