Groom/Till Private Track

We have a nice turn track, but lack of heavy equipment and I was wondering the best way to groom it? I was thinking about waiting for a lot of rain and then hooking something like this up to our utility quad and grooming the track with this:

Do you guys think it would work decent? The track isn't too wide.

Depending on how hard the surface is and if there is lots of rocks beneath. I personally have a small tractor with a small rototiller that I use. It is slow and hard to break the ground, but if I do it often enough and when there is some moisture it works really well. You may have to go over it more than once or twice, but lacking other types of equipment, it may work better than a garden rake. :confused: Sometimes you have to do what you can! :thumbsup: or use what you have available. If it is too many disks to pull with the quad you could possibly remove some of the outside disks as well.

The Bug

^+1....:thumbsup:sounds like good info.........I garden tiller would work great....

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