XR650R in technical woods race, can it win?

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ok, i'm going to have to jump in and take lorax's part, partially.

previously, i had said that i can go fast in the woods on my 600, but it's a chore (BTW, you east coasters in no way have a monopoly on technical single track). i'm fully aware of the differences between the old 600 and the newer 650, but i stand buy my previous statement.

the XR650 is a great all-around bike. it is a great desert bike. as a recreational bike it'll do fine in the woods, but if the name of the game is trophies and going as fast as possible, the BRP isn't the bike to have (niether is the WR450 for that matter).

and spare me the scott summers stories. half the races he won he'd have one on a bultaco pursang.

again, it's not that the BRP can't be made to go fast in the woods, but pick any given section of trail and time it back to back with an XR250 and a stop watch. the results might surprise you.


PS - just so you all don't jump on my case, if i had to have 1 bike for everything, for the rest of my life, it'd be a late model XR600.

Beerstud I agree with you to some extent. Lorax was just trying to start controversy on here. I beg to differ on the technical single track. We have some of the best and worst. Depends what you like. We've got more rocks than you can imagine, thrown in with alot of tight trails. Maybe why some of us pig owners think we have alot of it is because we make our own trails(thank you mr pro rally guard). However, it all in all how you ride. I know for a fact I'd whip an xr250 in a heartbeat on my 650, no questions asked.


I follow what you are saying! My last bike was an XR250R. I loved that bike and rode it until it needed a crank and a bunch of other parts and would cost more to fix it than it was worth. But when I was looking for a new bike I rode the XR650R and fell in love immediately! It was different than the XR250R in many respects! It was a challenge! I felt like I accomplished something when I finished a good day of riding! It took more skill and finesse to do the same trails! I'm not saying it wouldn't be tough to pass an XR250R on the trails (not considering the tightness and trees) but I felt more accomplished when I did. For me, I started on a 50cc, like many have, and slowly worked their way up the ranks in sizes and when the XR250 wore out it was just logical to go up a step! (CRF450 wasn't out when I got my brp or I may have looked into it, but I'm happy with my decision).

Look at the very first post, then ask Stonewall if he would have bothered posting if he won on an XR250R? (not considering this is an XR600/650 board) I have a feeling that his reason for posting was because of the feel of accomplishment, challenge, and thrill to say that you won on an XR650R! He has probably won several times on other less bikes. Way to go Stonewall again, all of us here on XR600/650 are proud of you!

About Lorax, We just gave him what he came here looking for! He wanted to stir things up so we did! He hasn’t posted on any other post besides this one so we all know that his whole intention was to stir things up and probably didn’t even have a wr250F, just had to chose a ridiculous bike to throw at the BRP. There was no function to the post after his but to entertain ourselves. So you make a good point but I guess there actually wasn’t a point to the replies to Lorax.



Hey BeerStud

J_T is right on the money. Nowhere in my original post did I say the 650 was the greatest woods bike of all time.

The fact that it has a reputation as being a pig in the woods makes winning on it even more satisfying. If I had shown up on a 250 everyone would have expected the bike to do well but I got endless smarta$$ comments about how I was in so much trouble on the BRP. There were places where it was a hand full, especially with the stock gearing, but there were other places where it fit MY riding style perfectly. I stopped racing a long time ago and didn't buy the BRP to race. I bought it just to explore new trail on but it's nice to know I can pull the lights off and still take it to the young pups once in a while.

You are absolutely right about Summers winning on anything. When he was on his game he was unbeatable but he chose the weapon he felt was the best choice for him. He didn't ride an XR6 so he would be at a disadvantage. Riders are just as different as bikes and you have to pick the one that fits. If you are super aggressive and like to wind an engine, a big XR (or any big bike for that matter) will wear you out in the tight stuff. Some riders (Summers included) prefer torque and smoothness to get the job done. They let the bike do most of the work and just go along for the ride. If you are that kind of rider the BRP works just fine in the woods. I pick bikes that fit me, not a Dirt Bike test rider. :)

Hey BeerStud

Riders are just as different as bikes and you have to pick the one that fits.


Alot of riders make the mistake of going out and buying the latest and greatest bike out there based on magazine reviews instead of what bike would fit them better, even if the bike might not have the "edge" the latest and greatest have.

I love my xr650r, its one of the most fun bikes ive ever had. Sure its a handfull sometimes, but damm it makes me smile everytime I ride it.

Dug up this old post, man this is a sweet post.

Man after racing in the Budds Creek Hare scramble, I can only imagine how fast you must have been going. I just have to say Congratulations again. You do BRP owners proud!!

Absolutely!!!!!!!!!!! :) My little brother has won every race he entered this year and I wanted in on the action. I haven't raced in nearly 7 years but I pulled off my dual sport stuff and headed out. The course was EXTREMELY rocky and covered in black slimy mud. There were plenty of tight woods sections too. Mine was the only BRP in the race and everyone was looking at me like I was an idiot for riding such a pig. I started from the fourth row and at the end of lap 1 I was in 5th OVERALL! I was passing groups of bikes at a time in the nastiest rock sections. It was in the mid 90's and I didn't have any water (little brother borrowed my camelback) so I just set a comfortable pace and didn't try to charge. I didn't pass anyone or get passed on the second lap so I got 5th overall in the race, 1st open class. It was cool passing all the YZ's KTM's CRF's etc. It took 2 hours to go 26 miles so it was plenty tight. The big XR rocks. I am still running the stock thermostat and radiator cap and had absolutely no overheating problems but lots of other bikes were puking coolant everywhere. I was running stock gearing too so it was definitely a little fast for this kind of stuff. The only bad part of the day was getting beat my little brother, he got the overall by 15 min. That is hard to swallow even if he is 14 yrs. younger than me. :D

Here's a pic of me and my pit crew for the day. I let my 3 yr. old go up and get the trophy and he was grinning ear to ear. I'll stop bragging now. Just don't let anyone tell you the pig won't go in the woods :Dxrgore2.jpg

Thanks for digging this out, Scorch. Great post. I am sure with suspension dial, BRP will be much better in tight stuff. I still think it will take much more energy to race a brp in tight stuff than a KTM 2-smoke. Stonewall and his son must be in much better condition than me!

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