Warning to Clarke Tankers

Warning to all the tanker rigs out there.. loctite your bolts for your petcock mount!

I was out this morning riding and the bolts that hold the mount flange on for the petcock to the tank backed out and drained most of my gas. luckily I didn't lose the oversized O-ring that was in there or I would have been totally hosed!

To remedy, I got some 1/4"x20 allen head bolts, washers, and blue loctite.

and the right size O-ring. :confused:

when you go to put it back together, put the bolts halfway in, then thread the petcock on the flange, then snug the bolts. if you snug the bolts before you get the petcock on the petcock nut won't clear the allenheads.

Maybe this is just a fluke thing for clarke tanks, I dont know. My 250 clarke hasn't had a problem, but from now on I am going to use loctite and get rid of the phillips bolts garbage :thumbsup:

she is taking a nap


too big of O-ring. had to use my leatherman to poke it back in while out and about to get the fuel to not leak.


correct size o-ring. Yeah, I'll try to go back and find the size # for you guys.



yup,,phillip screws do suck..big time,,the least they coulda done was give us allen head bolts or something......:thumbsup:


i use lock tight on everything.

I wouldn't use loctite on the brass inserts, wrap the threads with teflon tape.

I wouldn't use loctite on the brass inserts, wrap the threads with teflon tape.

I`d have to agree with pops on that...locktite on a brass fitting,set in plastic.could = alot of swearing in the future:smirk:

I`d go get some allen head bolts and snug them down.maybe cross drill the heads and safety wire the buggers in place:ride:


i didn't know the inserts were brass. i would deffinately NOT use loctite on the threads, i would install the hardware dry.

Thinking of buying one of these 5 Gal (US Gal) tanks.


It means I can get to my favorite destinations without begging for petrol(gas sorry)

I think the natural color is best but what do others think?

With the $AUD so strong I think the price is exceptionally good.

Cheers all...Roger

PS..and Thanks to my US cobbers for saving the world...again!

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