headlight wiring

my lights have been intermittently flickering on and off and im figuring a good place to start are the conncters behind the headlight since the terminals have spread and arnt making as good of contact as before. the question is on the ewd at the black wire behind the headlight there is a green band on the wire labled g-tube, what is it and do i need it? if i cant strip enough wire for the new connecters then i may need to cut it out, is this a problem?

also are the headlight and taillight/brake light in series because it seem like whenever the headlight goes out so do the others. i would much rather them in parallel so i dont lose them all at the same time. where would i split the harenss and add a ground if i could do that? thanks for the help

The bullet type connectors used in the harness behind the headlight are notorious for failure. Especially the Y bullet connector(G-tube). It connects the black wire from the engine stop switch and the green wire from the headlight to the green wire in the harness that goes to ground. That same green wire in the harness grounds the tail light.

Replace those bullet type behind the headlight with better connectors and you won't need to worry about the headlight and tail light being on the same ground.

If you don't have it yet, get the shop manual.


i do have the shop manuel and i got fresh blade connectors from work. forgot the dieletric greese but i can get that later, but whats the g-tube? i should be able to strip enough wire and be able to leave it but if i can whats the problem if it hase to get cut out to strip more wire?

Apparently it must run fine without the "G-tube", Whatever that is, because mine has been gone for a long time. I can't even remember it and doing a google search about it revealed nothing.

i guess its just a tracer on the wire, good to know. new blade connectors did the trick.

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