Pit Bike Help!

Hey guys! I am a very big guy @ 270lbs. I currently ride a 1998 RM250, but I very much so want to get into the pitbike scene! I was wondering which bike would be best for me? I need a bike with available suspension and engine mods to be able to haul my big butt around!

What do you guys think??


make sure it is a midsize model such as the SSR 140TX,SSR150TX or Pitster midsize which ever you might be interested in just go with a midsize 14/12 wheelbase model

That's a pretty good deal. That is a midsize like Staggs was talking about. It should handle your weight fine if you're just like goofing around. It's when you start riding it hard at your weight (no offense) that it will start tearing things up. I'm 170 and I cracked the shock tower on my old 110 just because of how I rode it (and casing the shit out of a pretty big table).

Go check it out and if you think that may be too uncomfortable for your then you might wanna start looking at xr100's and ttr125's.

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