Aftermarket mirrors

Hey guys I did a search but could not find exactly what I was looking for. I have a 2009 drz400sm and noticed pics of guys that have a little round mirror on each handlebar that hang below or even with your handlebar. Is that a specific kit or something tha they have just made them self? If it is a specific kit a link would be appreciated.


Search ebay for bar end mirrors,just remove the insert & clamp them onto your handlebars.

I know there are mirrors like this you can clamp under your bars. I borrowed a friend's set and they took to vibrating on my bike. I have rubba' mounted bars and his KTM was solid mounted, so maybe there were some weird harmonics that happened.

Naturally, I hate vibratey mirrors, so I took to my own solution. I decided (rather arbitrarily) that I should make the mounts heavier, to keep them from vibrating. The science of vibration is extremely complex, so like any self-respecting garage monkey I completely ignored the equations, and went with gut feeling. After I went down in the snow on the way to school and this happened, I decided it was time..


Then, I went about hacking the mirror stalks in half (carefully) and drilling and tapping the inside of the stalk. I found these polycarbonate "mirrycle" mirrors at my local bike shop that mounted up. The dude was super stoked when I rode up on a "street" bike in 4" of snow and crashed into his parking lot.


This little bracket is just made of some carefully shaped 1/8" flat stock.




I should mention that the left screw-in mount is just the clamp flipped upside down. Nothing more special than that. The whole deal took me about 2 hours to fab up, but I already had the taps and stuff and am a kinda-fast worker. This doesn't include the time I spent nursing the finger I smashed with Thor, my 3lb. sledge hammer while cold-smelting the bracket.

Those would probably do the same thing as well, but just by the looks of them I wouldn't be surprised if they oscillated wildly.

All the china-mirrors seem to be fastened to the mirror stalk with screws from behind the mirror glass. Items with potentially-self-losening fasteners that can't be serviced make me.... ANGRY. Just sayin'.

mmmm... my bike mirrors are mildly convex and I have stupid good visibility. Everybody (5+ people) that have ridden my bike have said they really work. 3 of these people are cruiser/crotch rocket people with full size mirrors. I guess it's really the luck of the draw with the mini-mirrors. The ones I have are made really well.

quick question, has anyone mounted the bar end mirrors to the bar ends with handgaurd? is it possible ? cheers

quick question, has anyone mounted the bar end mirrors to the bar ends with handgaurd? is it possible ? cheers

That'd probably take some modifications. Maybe you could get the non-bar end ones that have the clamp and just throw those on the end of the hand guards?

Here's my original attempt at mirrors (convex mirrors from autozone zip-tied on):

They look nice but they're only effective if i need to remind myself how good looking I am:smirk:


I'm order a new pair to replace them in hopes I can see cars behind me.

I have a pair of Ken Sean mirrors that fold up for off road riding. I have tried a couple different compact designs, but could not find any that i liked. I either could not see around my body and viability was poor or they just seemed to vibrate to much. Even my Ken Seans were somewhat of a waste because i almost always take them off for offroad riding. They are great for duel sport rides though! Just my 2 cents.

Mike :thumbsup::confused:

@jimmyhoffa, I was wondering how the under bar mirrors would work. If they are equal to the stockers, that would be good enough. If they let me see more behind, all the better. It seems, that with them lower, your elbows would be out of the way and you would have a better view. I work in a bike shop and have been considering trying the Mirrycle or maybe the Cateye. The Cateye uses a polycarb mirror so it should be tougher but it lacks all the mounting bits of the Mirrycle.

All the benefits you suspect are true. I never have to move around like with the stock mirrors. No elbow jostling. I just have to look down for a clear vibration free view of behind.

I think the Mirrcyles are polycarb. Maybe I'm wrong. You really don't need all the mounting bits. I used just the socket cap bolt, which I could have easily gotten at the hardware store. The rest are Suzuki parts, or halves of suzuki parts. I'm an avid BMX-er as well, and have built lots of person-powered bikes too. I ride a Fit frame with S&M bars and forks, and an odyssey wheelset.

Totally OT but a couple of mine:




Back on topic. If you want to try a cheap bar end mirror try the Cateye. It is around $8 and comes wth an expander to fit in to the bar end. You might need to shim it to fit but it should work fine. The only issue will be vibes, you may need a bar snake since you will be loosing the bar end weights


I follow these threads because I've yet to find mirrors that aren't hideous and also work well. I really need some...but it's just so pretty with out!


More OT. Ignore if uninterested.

The 'Dale is my fave. Looks like we have ourselves what I call a CONTRAST CONTEST!!!! I couldn't help but note that you have a picture of your HUMAN powered vehicle LEANING on the FRONT of your OLD, MULTI-COLORED 'dub. I offer, in return, this picture of my ENGINE powered vehicle RIDING on the REAR of my NEWER, SINGLE-COLORED 'dub:


The dub, btw, is a '00 5-spd TDI with nozzles, tune, a VR6 Clutch, Wolfsburg wheels and a full exhaust. 205K miles, original hardware.

The Cannondale is my stock trials bike, based on Libor Karas' bike from the mid nineties. The VW is a '81 Scirocco with big valve 1.8, 020 trans, limited slip, fully braced and completely stripped(I had intended to do the GrassRoots challenge with it). I built the suspension for autocross(raced a couple of seasons) and then later redid it for rallycross(raced a couple of more seasons). It was going to become a full rally car but I lacked the $$ and sold it. Does that rack max out your rear suspension?

Back to mirrors, here is another bicycle mirror that could be used on a moto bar, comes with a screw type clamp.

Ultralight Bike Mirror


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