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Taking my skills moto test this Tuesday at the clovis DMV. Has anyone done it there and is the test easy? I will be using my Husky TE 450. Thanks.

Taking my skills moto test this Tuesday at the clovis DMV. Has anyone done it there and is the test easy? I will be using my Husky TE 450. Thanks.

On a dirt bike its pretty easy. Choppers are a lot tougher since the maneuvering is a bit tight. Id recommend taking one of the MSF courses. It will get you a license upon completion and teach you a lot of things most people wouldnt normally thingk about while riding on the street.

its easy, they will ask things like light switches, check trun signals and such to see if you know where they are and then ride a very simple course, go practice the course after they close.

I recently took the test on a XR650 (tall) and I was surprised that it was hard going so freaking slow. I was having to slip the clutch to go as slow as they wanted me to and it made me wonder how some old-men dweebs on Harleys actually pass.

I'd recommend playing with your Husky in a parking lot by turning lots of tight (full lock) slow turns to prepare. Other than that, it was so easy it was stupid.

Good luck!

It's not all that easy actually. I'll admit that I had to do it twice. The suggestion to go to the DMV after hours and practice on the painted lines in the parking lot is a very good one. A dirt bike will be a lot better than a larger street bike that I used the first time. The key is being able to go slow enough.

as cleonard said go ride it before. might slide the forks up some. good luck-----

At the riding class I took in High school they taught us to do the SLOW RIDE.

Just crack the throttle a bit and use the clutch to varie the speed.

I thought this would just cook the clutch but no problem.

We slip the clutch all the time anyway on a dirtbike.

I passed it on a Husky SM610. I was the only one that passed that day. I used the front brake to hold the bike back while keeping the RPMs up. Riding slow is a skill for sure.

inside shoulder up and slip the clutch to go slow, control the speed with the clutch, you wont cook the clutch like this unless you rev the motor. This is experience from teaching police bike riding for 10 years.

Well I did it and passed, it was a bit tough cause of how slow you go but using the clutch and motor I did it. Thanks for the help but now I have another issue. I got my Class A Lic in Sep of 2010 added my M1 lic to it in Dec and passed the ride test this past Monday. But when I got to the window the lady told me that I needed to take all my written test again for my class A? I thought I have a year to add endorsments? If anyone knows how this works please help. Thanks.

she is correct, they get you coming and going, dont know why they do this other than revenue generation.

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