Question about wr plastics and handlebars..


Basicly i want a 2007 wr but if i cant get a 2007 id go for a earlier year and i just wanted to know if i could use for example a yz 2005 rear fender on a 2005 wr?

also i seen a wr250 or 450 on youtube with gold bars on, i cant find it again but i really wanted to know the make and bend.. they were fatbars and high and the rise was near enough vertical.. anyone know what bars they are? I thought they was protaper but i looked on google and none look like they have as much rise as they did!

Hope you can help :confused::thumbsup:

When you do the fender swap make sure they are compatible years and if you get an aftermarket fender most of them come with a silhouette that you need to cut out for the water reservoir but other than that they should bolt right up. I have an 04 WR and the 05 YZ was a direct fit. So if an 05 YZ fender won't fit on yours an 04 YZ fender should fit on your 05 WR. WR usually ran a year behind the YZ in weird things like fork size and going to aluminum frames. As far as the bars you want you'll prolly have to dig dig deeper into google

ooh! thanx for that info swede ill definately use that information!

yea i shall dig deeper.. i need them for my xr125!

thanks again :thumbsup:

Wow thanks bikerdude, thats them i think! thanks :thumbsup:

They are nice tags.. i forgot though.. i have 7/8 standard bars on my xr125 and i cant change the clamps.. also all my bar components like brakes throttle etc are 7/8 so i need the height and rise of the protaper contour raptors but in a 7/8 bar and i cant find any atall!

thanks for ur help :thumbsup:

Pro Taper makes the same Raptor bend in a Seven Eights bar too. The Minibike bends are also really high. Check out their website and the dimensions.

Thanks bikerdude.. im goin for renthal raptor :thumbsup: ur message made me search :worthy:

cheers dude :confused:

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