Fight at SLCSX!


Last night at supercross in salt lake two riders got in a fight. I was just wondering if this happens allot and they just don't show it on tv, or if I got lucky. The funniest part about it is they were in the lcq no where near the top two transfer spots, and the dude who started it was the one who took the other guy out. I thought it was hilarious.

Ya that was pretty funny, getting in a fight over last place.... lol

Interesting in that link was the blurb about Millsaps. I didn't know that he lost part of his kidney last year from a crash, or that he had some issues related to that crash which caused anemia. It explains his bad finishes, as he said that he couldn't finish more than eight laps or so without hitting a wall.

Good for him.

Reminds me of the quad fight where one dude is throwing haymakers at the other guy's helmet. They hug at the end.

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