cylinder coolant plug missing after cylinder work (kdx)

My buddy just got his cylinder redone for his 95-06 kdx by powerseal usa. When he put his bike back together and went to fill it with coolant, the coolant started pouring all over the floor because powerseal apparently forgot to replace this plug that is right below the exhaust port on the cylinder. So now he needs to find that plug but we cant figure out what part number on kawasaki's part diagram. Does anybody know what im talking about ? the only thing that i can see on the diagram is #130191 which is a screw that has a little spring and metal ball that sits on top of it, but i dont think thats the right thing. I just sold my kdx and i cant remember exactly what this plug looked like. i was using the diagram on

That's not it, #130191 is part of the KIPS valve stuff. Don't think the plug is shown on the parts list actually. Read about this happening to someone over on KDXRider a while back. If I remember correctly, it's a tapered pipe thread plug that you can pick up at the hardware store.

any idea what size?

Thanks for posting that, OLHILLBILLY! I have heard of someone losing that plug before.

yes, thank you for the advice

Has anyone figured out the size of this plug yet? I purchased a 3/8 in pipe plug and it seems to fit pretty good to me. 

After thinking this through I am pretty certain that the pipe plug would be metric. It seems as if everything else on the bike is metric. My guess is m14 for the plug. I will have to go to fastenal and buy a couple and see if they fit. 

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