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My bike is having trouble starting. I've already run it this year quite a bit but when I went to start it after not riding for a week it was a pain in the butt to start. After 30 minutes I finally got it but then when I shut it off and went to start it again with the choke off it wouldn't, nor would with it on half or full. It just won't kick back on. Is there a chance that it fried the top or something like that? I check my oil levels regularly and it wasn't low. I know that you have to check it after idle. I'm going to try and run it again in about 1 hour and see if I can just idle it and check it just to be sure. Anything else that I should look at or try?

Did the problem show up all of the sudden? Did it start fine the last few times you rode it this year. Or has it been hard to start only this year? Did it start Ok last year?

Are you getting spark when it won't start? Are you getting fuel when it won't start? Is the choke working correctly, check the choke not just the lever.

We need more info.


Alrighty I can do that.

The last few times that I rode it, it literally started 1st or maybe 2nd kick on a bad day. Then it got too cold again and couldn't ride it. I am not sure how to check if the choke is ok. As for spark I can't get the plug out I am ashamed to say. I've been looking in the manual to see if there is some special trick but haven't found anything. Pretty sure that my wrench is the right size, using the 5/8 spark plug socket but it doesn't grab anything at all. Just spins freely. Are the 86's special or something or do I just have the wrong socket? Fuel is fine as well. Last year it had some problems starting until it was rejetted and then had no issues. Haven't adjusted the valves yet because I've never done it before and was a little worried to. Any ideas?

I did check the oil level after about an hour even though it wouldn't run and the oil came up half way on the dip stick after pulling it out and wiping it with a clean rag and reinserting it and screwing it down one thread length.

Probably need the spark plug wrench that comes with the honda tool kits. Look online, i think msr or moose or somebody makes them to. Make sure its clean all around it before you take it out also. You dont want dirt falling into the cylinder when you take it out.

your 250 is wet sump.

To check the oil you dont need to start the bike at all

before you start the bike-

stand it up straight, remove dipstick, wipe it, sit the dipstick in the hole (dont thread it in) and take reading

Alrighty, well I checked the oil and it is fine so I know it didn't run out and then not lubricate the engine. Suppose if I need the special wrench then I'll order one, thats lame though. Is there anything else that I ought to check for? I'll adjust the valves in a few minutes I suppose, the tank is already off.

When you do get the proper plug socket, be sure to clean all the crud away from the plug before removing it, failure to do so will result in the crud falling into the cylinder.

Any suggestions for doing this, don't have an air gun to blow the dirt away first? Also does anyone know what size socket is needed for the plug, is 5/8 correct? Might be able to find one at sears that will work, if not then I can just return it since I work there. But need to get a larger socket for the valve covers anyway.

use a pressure washer maybe :thumbsup:

Any suggestions for doing this, don't have an air gun to blow the dirt away first? Also does anyone know what size socket is needed for the plug, is 5/8 correct? Might be able to find one at sears that will work, if not then I can just return it since I work there. But need to get a larger socket for the valve covers anyway.

I think 5/8 is too small. I believe it's an 18mm. Or try a 3/4".

Use a long screwdriver to scrape around down at the bottom of the plug well to break up any encrusted dirt. Then you can use a long piece of tubing, stick one end in your mouth and the other end in the hole and blow. If your gas cap vent line is long enough, use it.

3/4 was to large. I gave it a go yesterday when I was trying. Couldn't even get it down there. I'll go with a screw driver and an unused gas line I've got lying around.

I am pretty sure the spark plug needs an 18mm socket.

Since it is a Japanese bike all hardware is metric, no?

The only socket that works like it should is the factory one that comes with the bike. If you can find a cheap thin wall socket, a little grinding will allow it to work.

I read an article that a guy did and he said that his was a 16 mm socket even though everyone said 18mm (which were mostly 400 riders). I suppose that it won't hurt to replace the sparker anyway so I can just go get a new one and see what size it is. That way I know. But the sockets that I have now will not fit into the opening, its way too small and a huge pain in the butt.

Its deffenantely an 18mm plug, and its needs the stock tool

Alrighty, I can do that. I will probably try to go a cheap route first anyway and then spend the money on the expensive stock tool.

I believe the problem now lies within the carb. Last night I put the tank back after I realized that I needed a a 10 mm allen key to get to something else for the valves (the nut to turn the engine over to top dead center). It cranked first kicked and fired up, it then died almost immediately. I smelled gas. So I think that it is flooding the engine. But a new spark plug would be nice anyway since I don't know how old the one in there is.

Motion Pro 18mm spark plug wrench is $22 from Rocky Mountain. :thumbsup:

Save yourself some frustration and get it. Any other regular deep well socket will most likely have to big of an outside diameter to work. You might get lucky with an el-cheapo unit but I kinda doubt it. Check ebay also.


I think I'll go that route. Going to buy it in a week. Strangely enough it started and ran today... so I hoped on and rode it lightly for a little while. Turned it off and kicked it over again, it started again first kick. Odd but I'm not going to argue. Still need to adjust the valves and to replace the plug. Also going to pull the carb and clean it and check jets when I go home for the summer. The kick stand fell off... not sure how. Gonna have to figure something out there I suppose.

As the ole saying goes "If it's got t#ts or wheels, eventually it's going to give you problems!" :thumbsup:

Good luck partner!

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