1st oil change

Ok, 2009 450 EXC first oil change, what are the amounts of oil that need to go in the crank and the separate gear case. I am reading a lot of conflicting info. The second question is that, I was told that the bike from the factory comes with full synthetic oil. I picked oil and filter from the dealer and was hit hard by the $22 dollars a litre they charged, is the Rottela T6 synthetic a reasonable replacement. I don't want to start another debate on oil, but just wondering if anyone else is running this in their bikes.

Man, I remember being in this exact same position when I went from a Yamaha to a KTM last October.

The site glass will drive you crazy at first too.

Put 500ml in the engine and 900ml in gear case.

When changing the oil filter, if you drained all the old oil real good, you'll need to put 550ml in the engine side along with filling the oil filter with oil before installing it.

All sorts of people can't agree on oil.

A lot of people say make the first oil change synthetic, then change to a semi or non syn if you are gonna change.

I run Rotella T ($10 a gallon at Wal-Mart) which is 15w 40 non syn diesel oil.

Been doing so for over 40 hours on my KTM. :thumbsup:

I paid $9 for my first oil filter. :confused:

Now I go here and buy a 4 pack of the Hi-flo's for $18.95


Thanks for the reply, I put 500 ml in the engine and you can just barely see oil in the site glass. Poured the rest in the gears and because it is still low, will make a return trip the dealer and buy one more litre of $22 oil. So I can add up the cost with a $15 oil filter to almost $60. I also had issues with my Yami because my dealer sold oil by the quart and not the litre so I would have to buy 2 jugs. I am sorry but I have to switch to Rottela.

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