Air Filter cleaning question

I apologize for what may seem like a stupid question but I'm new to dirt bikes. I'm cleaning my air filter for the first time and I used PJ1 filter cleaner and then followed it up with dish soap and water but the filter still has a stickey feel to it. Is this normal? I just want to make sure before I re-oil it.

it will always feel a little bit stickey but should look much cleaner.

Ok, thanks. That was what I was hoping. I figured being stickey couldn't be a bad thing.

as long as there is no solvent or dirt left in the filter you should be okay.

Yea, I use a really cheap pair of rubber gloves when doing it.

well, when i'm cleaning filters, they are not sticky at all, looks like brand new :thumbsup:

I use "No toil" filter oil and cleaner if you use the same make oil and cleaner it has the right solvents in the cleaner to break down all grease from the filter. Different brands use different chemicals so if you mix your cleaning and pre oil with different brands maybe thats why youre getting sticky bits which haven't been removed properly. After its cleaned it should be dry and free of any dirt/oil etc

I'm pretty new to all this but I soak and shake it around in a bucket full of mineral spirits. Then I gently squeeze out the excess. Next, I will wash it in soap and water. Then, when fully dry, I'll oil it with Bel Ray and make sure it isn't overly oiled. If I can find some, air filter grease will line the edge.

It's definitely clean and looks new but just has slight stickiness to it still. I think the previous owner used no-toil oil and I used PJ1 cleaner because it was more readily available. Maybe I should try the mineral spirits.

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