Pw 80 exhaust restrictor removal

Hello im just wondering a few things about removing the exhaust restrictor in my sons older pw80. The bike is basically stock and im looking for a few ways to add a little more power without spending much money. Ive read all over about the exhaust restrictor and im about to dig into it and remove it. I was just wondering what other steps should be taken after i remove it? Will the jetting (125) still be ok? The bike runs great right now but i just want to research it a little more before i start it. Any input would be great! Thanks

There is no "part" to remove. The restriction is a HUGE gob of weld. Fairly quick work with a die grinder. I ended up lowering the needle one clip. Left the brass alone. Bottom end right off of idle maybe slightly weaker but mid up is vastly better.

Hmm guess ill dig into that today. Thanks for the info. What are your thoughts on bottem end upgrades?

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