Float Removal help!!

2005 Honda 350 rancher. Carb was full of green algae like stuff.

Removed the pin holding the float to the carb but the float won't come off, it's attached to the little valve. I don't know how the float is supposed to come off ??

Don't want to break anything.

Any help please!

Thanks in advance

Based on what you are saying, the float needle valve is stuck into the float needle seat from the gunk.

You want to be gentle in that you do not want to bend the float or the fine wire that keeps the float needle connected to it. See if you can pullthe float needle with fine needle nose pliers or hemostats.

Upon reassembly, be sure to check the float height per the specs in the manual.

First off Thanks for your reply! to clarify the float needle should come out still attached to the float?

Sort of. The float needle is usually attacjed by either a fine wire clip or the float tang has a notch the a pint fits into. In rare instances, the vavle merely rests agains the tang.

So with a clean carb, yes, almost all the time the float needle valve slips out with the float though once pulled away it simply falle off.

Got it cleaned and put back together. Runs great! Thanks for the help.

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