Exhaust, sharp engine noise.

Ok, Im new with mx-bikes. I bought my first this winter, KTM SX-F 250 ´07. I was doing training on saturday and engine runned ok. Starts ok, works good in every way. But engine noise during ignition cycle got a bit sharper. When I warmed up the engine after washing today to listen it again. I found that engine noise sounded sharper on the right side of the engine than on the left. Could be also my bad ears.. :thumbsup: And I found out that exhaust pipe is moving a bit from the root against engine. Should it be fixed stable or allowed to move a bit? I am not actualy sure that has the pipe fractured when I rode or is it "normal". Before mx-bikes I have been in speedway racing and we always sealed the exhaust end from the engine with silicone. I see nothing like that on this engine. Should I try this?

Problem found.. hole in the header pipe. It was patched up with a pieace from a soda can. I think I have to call to the firm where I bought my bike.. and have a serious talk.


Why on earth would a bike saler do that. Before I bought the bike, there was pics without the shield for the header. So.. they have knew that the hole is there. I contacted them and let us see what happens. Bike has Akra titanium high rpm exhaust. Engine is more like 125cc 2stroke with little more torque than twosmoker. I liked it on the track.

Was it on consignment? be interesting to see what happens. Good luck.

Ofcourse they denied that they have put that aluminium there. And said that they had bought a welding machine just last year to fix these. But in the same time.. accused me that I have have crashed the bike and tried to repeair the header myself. But I think everything is going to be well after all. They offered to weld the pipe if I just send it back to them. Let see how this goes..

I would be pissed! I would tell them that they need to get me a new pipe or they will lose loads of business once I publish all the pictures and comments from there shop about this problem and their lack of help to every forum, cycle club, and hometown fourm you belong too.

Yeap, because of this hole in the header. I inspected the bike again.. very very precise way. Found a FRACTURE from the engine case. So that header pipe isnt very big problem. Fracture is long and very very hard to find. On a clean bike.. it looks like a hair on the side of the engine.

I already contacted the firm about it and they told me to Fck off! ..I said before that I bought it during the winter. And they say that I have raced it already and it is not their problem that I have destroyed it. Nice. On monday I have to call some consumer officials about this firm. But.. cases like these, you all know that Im in neck deep xxxx. And Im not going to race anymore this summer.. atleast for next 2-3 months my mx-season is over. My bank accounts are empty at the moment and Im not going to have money to repair this one for some time.

In reality, I have used the bike for 10 laps and I had to quit because of terrible armpump. Life.. aint that fun.

After a good night sleep..

Any idea, what year engines are possible to use in 2007 250 SXF frame? Just that If I could find a good engine from years 2007-2009. Could it be possible to use 2008 or 09 engine on that frame. I really liked the bike, Im not going to change to a japanese bike.

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