YZ125 or CR125

I currently race an 07 crf250r at the track. I want to get a 125 2 stroke just as a back up bike and a bike to play around on. I am kind of am leaning toward a cr125 because parts like wheels are interchangeable with my bike. Ive done some reading and it seems that a lot of people like the yz125 but I still dont know which to get. I am looking at a 2005-2006 bike. Also how is maintence on these 125 2 strokes? How often do you change the oil and piston? So which should I get a cr125 or yz125? Is there really much diffrence I want it to be realiable. Thanks for any help. :thumbsup:

On a 125, Piston every 50 hours or less. Every 8ish hours for trans oil. Both bikes are reliable. The CR is a bit short on power compared to the YZ, especially on the bottom end. However, the CR has arguably the best frame ergonomically. But really, theres not enough difference to really matter. Either bike is super fun, and completely capable. Go with the best deal.

OK cool. Glad theres not much diffrence. Now I just got to wait to find a good deal. Any body know what parts on a 06 cr125 are interchangeable with an 07 crf250r?

From what I've read don't go for an 04' CR or lower... I've read they were crap from I think 98 to 04..I'm trying to decide between YZ and CR myself.

I had this same problem and went with a CR honestly because it was a Honda and they seem to run forever.

I would go for a YZ any day over a honda.

I'd say get whichever fits your budget and personal ergos.

My cr125 has been nothing but reliable. You can't go wrong with either one. I change my tranny oil every 3 rides or after a race

YZ125 for sure!!! I have one and it is light, fast and fun

i have a yz and my cousin has a cr. his fouls plugs all of the time and we have tried to rejet multiple times, just cant seem to get it. on the other hand the yz has no problems. my yz is a bit faster and lighter, but i like the ergos on the cr. also, i know it doesnt really matter but the cr looks better longer. overall the yz is better, but im sure you will do fine on either

Ok thanks guys. Anybody got some more info on the maintenance. Thanks desert rider 7 for the oil change interval.

If you didn't already have a Honda, I'd recommend the YZ for all the reasons listed by others...BUT, as you've pointed out, there may be some interchangeability of parts between the CR and CRF. That would be reason enough right there. I can't stand Hondas...not because they're bad bikes, but because Honda hates the 2 stroke and probably single-handedly turned Moto GP and MX into 4 stroke dominated sports. Sorry for the rant.....get the CR! LOL!

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