Damper Holding Tool

I'm rebuilding the forks on a 1990 RM250 and it's my first time doing forks. The manual calls for a Suzuki fork assembling tool, which I don't have. I've seen references to people making them, but I can't tell what shape to put on the end that needs to hold the damper.

Does anyone have a picture or have any experience/ideas for this?



Are you talking about the tool to hold the rod out to unscrew the rebound adjuster? If so, I just took a piece of aluminum and cut a slot in it wide enough to slip over the shaft and hold the tube down. If it's similar to newer style, a 13mm open end wrench will work also.

Well, I'm new at this--so I could be wrong--but I don't think it's the rod that I'm trying to secure. The rebound adjuster sits inside what's called the base valve (at the bottom of the lower fork tube). To remove the base valve, you use a 14mm hex bit, but while loosening it, you need to put this tool down the fork tube and secure the housing that the rod goes in and out of.

Made one out of a piece of hoover (vacuum) cleaner pipe...no probs.

Great news! Can you share some info on what shape the end needs to be?

Great news! Can you share some info on what shape the end needs to be?

Its 21.22, but i'm going to walk to the shop & take a pic :thumbsup:

All you need on that model is an air impact wrench and it will spin the base bolt right out of the bottom. The tool that you are talking about , I think , Is a long piece of pipe with a castle shaped / pronged end. that goes over the top rod and hold the dampers inner cartridge from turning so the bottom/ base bolt can be turned out. It works good but normaly the air impacr will work.

Wow, small world Pete! You did the crank rebuild for this bike last year and I left you a voicemail last week because I'm doing the suspension this year :thumbsup: I want to send you the shock because the manual doesn't give me any info it and it behaves like a pogo stick. Nathan


I'm off to bed....riding at competa (Spain) tomorrow :thumbsup::smirk::confused:

Thanks so much and good luck tomorrow!

Thanks so much and good luck tomorrow!

Cheers...O/D is 32mm :thumbsup:

Nathan -- Yo ! Send it on down - I should be able to take care of it in short order!

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