Fork Rebuild - Damping Rod Holder

I'm rebuilding the forks on my 1990 RM250 and it's my first time doing forks. The manual calls for a Suzuki fork assembling tool, which I don't have. I've seen references to people making them. I've got the forks off the bike and the fork caps and springs off, but I can't see what shape to fashion for this tool.

Does anyone have a picture or have any experience/ideas for this?



I've always had good luck with breaking the damper valve free with an air wrench and the forks still on the bike. The weight of the bike and the preload from the fork springs seem to give me enough friction to loosen them up.

Turn all settings to soft (mark down what they were at), loosen cap, remove from triple clamp, drain oil, replace cap hand tight, turn fork upside down (place a block of wood under to protect rebound adjuster), push down on fork to compress spring and put pressure on internal assembly, use impact gun to remove damper valve body! (watch for small amount of oil that didn't drain earlier) Once you have it apart, you could make a tool, or do like me and just guess it back together with the impact gun.

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