substitute timing plug

After installing my MCCT, I must not have tightened the timing plug enough. I lost while riding.... So is it a common plug like ORB or is it a special one of a kind thing?

kind of a special thing --but-- you can find replacments on ebay also eddie has one check out his web page

It will take two weeks or more to get one online, no thanks. I want one now, but there are no dealers near my town. I got one out of a suzuki quad, so I will check and see if I can find one that is the same and I'll post up what I find.

no need to wait if you really need it now.that's what overnight delivery is for.not complicated.

You're not getting it. I'm out riding, the plug fell out. I want to find out what will work in there. Can I go to the local parts store and use a ?????? until I get the right plug from the dealer (or online or whatever means I use). Let not turn this into a discussion on overnight shipping or what is on the internet when my original question was about what I can use until the right part comes. Where I live the cost of shipping sucks, overnight shipping doesn't happen.

i don't think you can go to an auto parts store to get a generic plug to fit in there.

as has already been said,this is a special metric size.M36 x 1.5 x 7mm.

i can't see any room in there for a rubber hole plug to fit in there without creating problems on each side of the stator cover.

you need the special inspection plug,either a factory one or one of many aftermarket units available out there like the ssw/epic,yoshimura,anderson automatics,zeta etc. just to name a few.

I had to try for myself, but I couldn't find anything that will fit from my local parts store. There was an o-ring boss plug that was very close, same diameter, but different pitch. I'll order a new one tomorrow.

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