E start dramas

My 2006 Wr 250F has intermediate E starting issues,Randomly it will not start on the button,all that is heard is clicking under seat from the relay??,other times it starts fine,I`ve cleaned all the contacts under the seat,taken the starter motor out and checked the brushes,which are still in spec,what is left to do is the ignition wiring loom,I was hoping someone could shed some light on this before I attack that.

Just a guess, but I know many vehicles that have these issues are due to a faulty ground cable to the starter. Sometimes if you come to an abrupt stop, it will start afterwards, no problem. But after a big hill climb, it will not turn over.

Just a guess.

How fresh is the battery. I know on mine it is very temperamental to the charge of the battery and even different ambient temperatures affect it. If the battery is more than a year old or is questionable you might want to spend a few extra bucks and get a good battery like from sears. Do not get the cheap wal-mart battery. They are junk!!

The battery is the original,so yes it could be time for replacement,What are you calling the ground cable CRF,is it the main cable that sits on top of the starter,as this was covered in crap from 5 years of riding,never touched before,it did clean up good though.

If it's the original battery I would definitely change it.

You definitely won't regret changing out that old battery. If that doesn't solve your starting issues, you may have a short in the wiring. Check the wiring with a voltage meter, switch to battery and switch to starter sections.

Most of the WR riders over here are saying it`s the battery,causing low voltage at the starter relay,or, bad connections on the starter buttons

I'd have to say battery as well. I have had the same issue with my WR450 since I bought it(bought it used two years old at the time).


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