Ignition Timing

Hi Guys,

I was reading through my Owners Manual and I came to a section called 'Ignition Timing' - now I have read quite a few posts on here about Ignition Timing.

My Manual covers it very briefly, but it does show a Power Curve Graph with the Ignition Timing on three different settings;




The 'Advanced' timing seems to go the highest on the graph and come down the steepest, with 'Retarded' being the opposite.

Does this mean the Advanced Timing simply give you more power?

What are the advantages/disadvantages of changing the timing to 'Advanced'?

Any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks and ATB

If it makes any difference, I ride a KX100

2strokes are very sensitive to timing...a degree or two makes a big diff. If you get greedy with advance and do not run good fuel it is a recipie for trouble. The timing does not change how much power as much as where. It is possible to get the ignition to light outside of the pipes effective range. Stay close to stock...unless you have time and $ to super tune.

Just leave it at standard until you have the time and $ to start futzing with it.

Thanks for the replies both! :thumbsup:

I won't bother changing or fiddling with mine!

So.....What does it actually do? Does it improve performance?

I am just wondering and would like to know!

Thanks and ATB

So.....What does it actually do? Does it improve performance?

It changes the point in the revolution of the engine in which peak cumbustion pressure happens. If you understand what that means on a two stroke then you will find peace. Good luck with the theory but retard it first and see if you like how it smooths out performance and drivability and then go up and see if you like how it feels. That may be the performance increase you are chasing for your conditions and make you faster. Perfomance increase is realative to how you need it to run best for you. Just make sure the basics like carb jetting and fuel mixing are second nature to you before you chase the last ounce of "performance".

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