230 to 450

I'm looking at going up from a crf230 to a crf450x. Is that a bad idea? I know it has way more horsepower but I figured i could stick to low gears if I need to. But I've outgrown my other 2 bike very quickly. (xr100 and crf230.) So I was thinking that I would get used to the 450x quick enough. Any thoughts or personal experience? I'm 6ft and 135lbs. I'd say i'm an intermediate skill level.

i think you should find a friend or a somebody who has one and ride it to see if you like it. it is going to be a huge step up. i see that you want the x model so i am assuming you ride trails. i prefer a 250 2t. imo the most versatile bike you can get.

ya, i do all kinds of trails. from open,to water and mud, to single track on sand and hard packed dirt. Pretty much a little bit of everything. But mostly mud and single track. I'd like to stick to a 4 stroke. I don't know anyone with one but i could always look on kijiji.ca for someone locally with one and go for a test ride. Am I correct in thinking that if im not used to the power right away the low gears would be fine? Then as i progress and become more skillful I could start to use the rest of the power? That way I'm not going to be buying a 250 and having it for one year then going to the 450.

You shoud be alright, my first bike was a 2005 TT-R 125 and just after I turned 15 I sold it and switched to a CRF450R. I was only 5'8" when I got my 450.

That's good to hear. how long did you ride the 125 for?

That's good to hear. how long did you ride the 125 for?

I think I had it for 4 years or so. Oh yeah, and I just realized I was actually 14 when I got the 450.

Well being that your only 135 lbs, a crf250x might be better for you. Not as much snap and it weighs less than the 450

i hear the 250 has brutal valve problems. But the 450 sounds like as long as you take care of it, it will last just as long as any other 450. From what I have read they will need replacing after a few years but then you throw in some stainless steel ones and there good for another 4 years. Yes?

If you have the money maybe look at a ktm 350. That would be a sweet trail bike IMO!

At 135 pounds, that CRF450X will almost be double your weight...not a good idea. Have you ever picked up a 260 lb bike before..how about on a big hill? Its not easy even for a big guy. No way is a 450X the right bike for you...as mentioned, maybe a 250X or..even better a nice light 2 stroke, such as a KDX200 or KTM 200 EXC.

I'd say if anything get a CR250X, but even then they aren't very light bikes. My 450x is heavy and a pain to move around when I take a spill and I weight almost 100lbs more than you do, that bike will wear you the heck out. Being 135lbs you would probably be better suited to a 2 stroke 125 or maybe a lighter 4 stroke 250 and set it up for trails. I know my girlfriends RMZ250 is a ton lighter than my 450x.

I already have a 230, and hanle it fine. It's just as heavy as the 250x i think.

Here is a list of my concerns for each


too heavy,and wont be able to handle properly in single track


valve problems

want more power after a short time

valve problems

My riding breaks down like this:

35%single track

50% double track(fit 2 or 3 dirt bikes side by side) mostly open with some rocks and water/mud

15% open and sandy

finally, with the valves on the 250x once they go and i replace them with ss valves how much longer will they last?

Simple math: 2+2 = 450 horsepower....more power but with your weight can you handle this much power and weight? it's debatable! mind you.. I have seen guys with 135-140 llbs throwing a 450 around a track like a rag doll, so roll the dice bro!

but i do woods.... any idea on how much longer valves on the 250x will last if i switch them to stainless steal? are the newer models (2007+) better on valves?


If you are so concerned about the valve issues, forget about the CRF250X. Look into a KTM200 EXC, that is the perfect bike, light and powerful enough.

a 230 weighs about 240 lbs, so the weight really isnt that much more. My daughter rides my 450x all the time in the desert and a 230 in the mountains and she weighs about 125. I think the 450x would be fine for desert but tight technical may be more than you bargained for.

i don't know, a 230f is not really a motocross bike, the step from a 230 to a real 250f would be a big surprise. All though a 450x might be a little less powerful than a 450f race bike. You might be able to handle it, I just know that 450f's are INSANE and probably aren't safe for normal riders.

If youre afraid about valve problems, I would look past Honda. If you dont want a 250f but are skeptical about a 450f and wanting to stay 4 stroke, I would go with a KTM 400 exc or xcw. Get the RFS motor which is super reliable.

Get a 125 stroke! Or a 250, they are not bad trail bikes, when you get used them.

On a side, where do you live in Ontario?

i had a crf 150 and moved up to a klx 300. i had that klx for 4 years and i was thinking the same as you. 250? or 450?

i bought a brand new 08 rmz 250.

i ride about every thing that you ride from what i hear. go with the 250. on tight stuff single track up gnarl hills and tight corners i hardly feather the clutch, rev out or stall my bike. i have good friends that have 450 and every time i ride then im glad i got my 250. on that tight stuff i'm always glade i went with the 250. its lighter and in that tight stuff its to much bike.

and when i ride opener trails, desert, and tracks on a rare occasion i put on my 14 tooth sprocket. stock gearing on my bike was 12-51 i think, and on stuff i know i need more power i just switch the sprocket and its NOTICEABLY different!

go 250 dude. look at my bike in my garage i got every thing you need minus a rekluse lol

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