'11 exc 450 (and help w/ spring rate)

Bought my first ktm two weeks ago. Before I rode it I tore it apart and did the exhaust, smog, jd jet w/red, and 13/50 gearing. All I can say is wow, am I glad I bought this bike. Starting w/ electric feels weak, may need to do that mod soon. Not far off my '07 kx450f super moto as far as power and a lot better than my drz 400 sm w/ distanzias that I was riding off road, that's an accident waiting to happen. It over heated on my first ride so I ordered a fan kit. Oil level was high after riding, tried lower in the window this time. Also need a rear spring. I'm 130 w/out gear, rider sag is at 105mm and static is at about 52mm. Guessing I need to go w/ a lighter spring. Can someone direct me to what rate and where to get it, having a hard time finding what I need. Not wanting to do the front springs quite yet. Anyway, nothing like a bike that'll pull a 4th gear power stand up wheelie at 60+ mph. What a blast this bike is, I love it.:thumbsup:

i got my springs from racetech, just go to there web site, plug in your bike then your weight without gear and it gives you the part numbers for the right springs for you. and you can buy them right there! or get the part number and come back to tt and order them that way!

Stock spring is supposed to be for riders at 160 lbs WITH gear. You might be one of the few people that is actually in range for the stock spring.

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