Help A Future XL600 Owner

So I went and checked out a 1983 XL600 this weekend.

I was able to get a few rides in. I didn't hear any knocks

or ticks from the engine. There is a little more than 15,000

miles on it. The shifting was smooth and I didn't feel any

difficulties in changing gears.

The only problem I noticed was a small oil leak. The location

of the leak had me wondering. The guy selling the bike says it's

from the frame and not the engine (head etc). I saw that the

oil leak was around the top of the engine by the spark plug.



So my question to you guys, is it common to have the frame

(I'm guessing he meant the hose coming from the frame) leak

oil? If so, how expensive of a fix is it generally?


Valve cover gasket........or that rocker shaft retainer is leaking,not a prob to fix,unless the bolts in the valve cover are seized or the threads stripped in the head......i believe the engines gotta come out to pull the VC on this early model....i`d just ride it,fix it this winter when ridin season is over......


I say uncommon for the oil lines to be leaking. As Brian says it's probably just the Tappet cover gaskets a bit had it. Most of my 600s leak a bit of oil around that area..I just don't worry about it as they are close to 30yrs old..Bit of dripping oil here and there's kinda normal...I liken older XR/XL to a "total oil loss system" as older Speedway bikes used to be..just make sure it's checked often..

Edited by Horri

+1 What Brian and Horri said. :thumbsup:

Thanks guys.

It helps a lot.

I'm liking the ride and then fix (I'll just make sure it doesn't lose too much lol).

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