tire size?

Yes. A 4:60 X 18 rear tire will fit.

That is actually an obsolete sizing standard but it is close enough to the current metric size 120/90 X 18.

:smirk:thanx for your help

i have a load of tyres that are measured in this system. does it matter that much if it was a

140/80 x18 and i was to put a 4.50 18 on, just wondering as they obviously have tubes so?????

Let us know how you like that tire.

harakhty - a 4.50 will be quite a bit taller then a 140/80. The 140/80 is a low profile tire with a 80% side wall aspect ratio. A 4.50 X 18 is a 100% profile.

Just confuse things 4.10 or 4.60 or 5.10 tires are also a low profile tires and are actually narrower than a 4.00, 4.50, 5.10. This system was used prior to the introduction of the metric width with the aspect ratio given as numbers (120/80 for example)

A 4.50 X 18 will be fine, just taller.

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